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Selamat datang di blog gw...

pertama-tama, perkenalken nama gw affan... seorang pria tampan rupawan hermawan yang kerja di adv keciiiilll di jakarta...
sedikit mengenai blog ini...sebenernya blog ini tempat gw belajar nulis, karena nulis itu bagian dari kerjaan sehari2 gw... blog ini berisi semua pemikiran-pemikiran gw yang sedikit terbelakang dan tentunya sangat subjektif, semua kata-kata, kalimat ataupun postingan bener-bener berasal dari sudut pandang gw atau kopi paste alias nyolong dari blog orang... blog ini bebas gw isi apa aja, terserah gw, karena ini blog gw... jd yaaa terserah gw... jadi… tolong setolong tolongnya orang minta tolong,,, tolong jangan dimasukin hati…

karena ketika lo masuk kesini, lo ga boleh ngerasa tersinggung, Benci, dendam, Syirik, Dengki, Iri, riya, Sombong dan perasaan perasaan negatip laennya akibat dari tulisan, kata, kalimat ataupun postingan gw,,,, karena apa??? karena itu durhaka sodara sodara!!! bakal mendatangkan dosa untuk anda dan ganjarannya neraka…

dan ketika lo ngerasa ada tulisan, posting, tulisan yang sengaja gw colong, kata kata dari gw yang nyinggung lo,,, sekali lagi gw minta tolong setolong tolongnya orang minta tolong, tolong jangan dimasukin hati,,, kalo lo tersinggung… silahkan klik tanda silang di pojok kanan layar kalo lu pake windows, klik buletan merah di pojok kiri layar kalo lu pake mac, trus minum lah aer anget se ember, niscaya emosi anda akan hilang begitu saja… dengan kata lain tinggalin blog ini dengan damai kalo lo ngerasa tersinggung,,, Piss,,, ga usah ngadu ngadu ke mana mana, apa lagi sampe ngadu ke polisi,,, coz gw takut bgt sama polisi,,, takut ditilang…

akhir kata, selamat membaca...

Puisi yang sangat Poems...

INI kopi paste dari situs orang... wkwkwkwkwk...

“I know”

I know you love me...
Even if you say "i 'm not in love with you anymore "

i know you love me...
Even if you say "i hate you"

i know you love me...
Even if you say "i'll never forgive your mistakes"

i know you love me...
Even if you say "you only the past"

i know you love me...
Even if you say "everything i do is useless"

i know you love me...
Cause i love you so much, and you know what i feel.
"Can't Say Anything"

I just will never understand how this can happen…
and its happen now…
it burn my heart…
broke it into pieces so I need to collect and build it again…

I extremely dont know how I feel…
I just see everything turns into red…
feels like there’s a knife stick into my heart…
and will be last in there until I run out of blood and make me die…

I am not a perfect person for sure…
I did mistakes I agree…
but the feeling I feel now, you’ve been through there before right?!
so you know how hurt it is…

As I always say
‘My love as big as yours, even bigger
but unfortunately I dont have heart as wide as yours’

I still figure out how to understand this fact
someone was sneaking to your heart
and succed pushing me out
I am no longer in there now

Two years, its a long time to build a dream….
Two years, full of happiness and tears….

Just because of Distance…?!
Just because I am not always there for you…?!

But now…
we have to walk on our own…
walk on our own path…
face this world not side by side…
Hope you will be better out there…

just promise me one thing
you will keep our story forever
same as i will do…
"good morning"

I awoke this morning thinking of you and wishing i could see you and feel you close to me.

I thought about your smile and your eyes so full of life and love and about your kisses so sweet and tender,

I remember how good you feel in my arms and wish i could hold you now and forever.

I see your pretty face in my mind and feel honored that you chose me to love and be a part of your life.

I miss you immensely and can't wait until the next time i can tell you in person how much i love you and need you and how lovely you are.

I long to hold you in my arms, kiss those sweet lips, hear the sound of your gentle sighs, and feel the warmth of your hot breath as you tremble to my touch.

I thought of you this morning as i do almost every minute of every day, my love.
“my heart”

Take my heart- it's yours
do with it as you please.
Break it if that's what you want
burn it if that's what you need

treasure it if that's what you desire
hide it away, if that's what makes you happy
lock it up, it'll always be there

drop it in a puddle, the rain will wash it away,
toss it in the gargbage, it'll rot away,
love it with all you've got and i'll love you with all i've got

I'm missing you already,you're simply a memory
silence in a crowded room,that's calling out to me

a distant cry inside of my heart, always tracks me down
it will never want to part, it will never let me down

thorns of emotion, sting me everyday
they remind me of you, and tell me to stay

tears of sweet hope, run down my young face
they sing to me softly, and show me your face

sorrow fills my empty soul,and tuck me in at night
it fills my room with silent screams, and holds on to me tight

my heart has only one love, one love to give
pure as the feathers of a dove, pure as the way we all shall live
“i’m broken heart”

I will never forget the days we once had
the days when you were everything to me

my mind used to tell me we'd be together forever
but now i realize that was all a big dream

the feelings i have for you will never go
i wish i could take back that one regretful day

the day when i willingly let you slide from my arms
never did i think of the astonishing pain of regrets

that i would once have to live through
the sight of you in someone else's arms

makes my heart shatter into a million pieces
i sometimes wonder if you still think of me

or if to you, i'm just a face in the crowd
I wish so very much that one day we can have it all back

but for now, i'll sit here silently
remembering all the memories we once shared

everyday my love grows much stronger
hoping that one day you will feel the same
and put back the pieces of my broken heart.
“i’ll still be here”

You are my darkness,
my shadow in the light,
without you i’d,
die from the light,
your are worth the,
pain and the struggle,
i go through each and every day.
I give to you my heart,
forever eternal.
No matter where you go,
or what you do,
im here.
Throughout time and space,
i will still be here.
My love for you will bloom,
even in darkness,
you are my only one
"your every way."

I would've never guessed,
In a million years we would end up in this mess.
And i look back on it all that led to this place.
It sure wasn't a fairy tale end, but there's nothing i'd erase.

The days we spent talking endlessly.
The laughs we shared i'll treasure as long as can be.
The way you smiled at the things i'd say...
Your every way.

Your eyes in this light look so perfect tonight.
The tears you cryed when you thought all hope had died.
The things you do to me everyday.
But, your still perfect in every way.
"can i have my heart back?"

Because, if you havn't noticed already, i'm completely alone.
No one is there to hold my hand when you have millions of willing people too.

Nobody asks 'are you alright?' every now and again when all you do is moan.
I have to cry myself to sleep every night, alone when you have everyone in the fucking world.

I'm here sad alone just praying to a god up there that you will come back, and you havn't.
You were the colour in my autum, the sun in my summer i want my heart back because i carn't take you breaking it no more.

You were part of my body, part of my soul and now you have left i carn't seem to find myself.
Everyone always says there is a light at the end of the tunnle, but i'm completly lost and alone in this magical tunnle and i carn't find my way out.

You taught me how to love incondisountly, but you didn't teach me how to stop.
I don't ever want to wake up again, because waking up without you is the hardest thing, i'm the king without my quen.
"my love"

My love how much i want,
To be there with you,
To feel your touch and see,
Your smile,
To hear i love you,
And all ways will,
My love i long to be,
With you,
My love words will never,
Express what,
I wouldn't give to be with then,
Your loving arms,
To feel that sweet touch,
That we,
Ever so want and need,
My love i need you,
Ever so,

I cannot promise you the sun will rise each day
But i can promise to bring sunshine to your life
I cannot promise you will never feel any pain
But i can promise to try to take the pain away

I cannot promise you i will have all the answers
But i can promise you i will not be the question
I cannot promise you i will always understand you
But i can promise you i will always listen

I cannot promise you that i won’t grow old
But i can promise you that my love for you will never
I cannot promise you an easy path through life
But i can promise you will never walk it alone

I cannot promise you everything material
But i can promise you everything money can’t buy
I cannot promise you eternal life
But i can promise you eternal love
"a broken heart"

Today you're here
The next your gone
I guess all the things i said about you
Were wrong

I thought you were the one
I truly did
And i still can't get over
The stuff that you said

You hurt me,
You caused me so much pain
Now the only way i can hide my tears

Is in the rain
You were here at one moment
And now your gone
How could everyting i thought you were

Every kiss,
Every peck,
Every moment that we shared...
Now i know that you never truly cared

So i write you this poem full of my thoughts,
So when you read this it stays in your memory
'Till it starts to rot
I meant nothing to you

Nor did every i love you
You hurt me bad, i just hope that you see,
How much damage you have done to me.
"I Will Never Give Up"

I reach out my hand,You don’t hold on
I open my heart,You walk away
I try to find you,You keep hiding

Why do I have to try so hard?
Is it even worth it?

Sometimes I think I should give up,
But I won’t,I can’t

I will keep reaching out to you,
I will keep opening my heart to you,
I will keep trying to find you,

Until one day,
You hold on,
You open your heart to me,
You stop hiding,

I will never give up
"Long Love"

When it hurts so bad,
Why does it feel so good?
I wish this all made sense,
I wish I understood.
Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,
But I can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.

You know how I feel about you,
And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
But it's so hard to do when I can't even be next to you.
Why does it gotta be so complicated?

Loving you feels so hard,
But at the same time,
Knowing I can't have you keeps me awake at night.
I just want this to be simple,
I just want you here with me,
To look into your eyes,
Be held in your arms...then I'd truly be happy.

Right now this distance between us is out of our control,
But I'm still hoping one day soon,
I'll get what I'm wishing for.
"You're The One"

Is it possible
That someone like you
Could complete me?

You're the only one I want
The only one I think about
The only one I truly love

You've treated me wrong sometimes
As i've done the same
But everyone makes mistakes
And your not one of mine

Be with me for the rest of time
I'll give you my heart
And you give me your mind
“darah juang”

Bukalah mata...
Lihat dunia...
Lihat lebih dalam...
Disana tempatnya...
Medan pertempuran yang harus dimenangkan...

Tanpa kata menyerah...
Tetaplah bertahan...
Disaat nafas mulai menghilang...
Loncatan terakhir lakukan...

Dan ketika kekalahan menerjang...
Berhentilah menyerang...
Berhenti untuk mengambil pijakan yang lebih tajam...

Dalam setiap pertempuran...
Ada prajurit yang gugur dan ada prajurit yang hidup...
Membawa kabar kemenangan bagi negerinya...

Percayalah, prajurit yang gugur itu akan disebut pahlawan...
Pahlawan yang melawan dengan lantang...
Dengan tanganya berani melawan tajamnya pedang...

Berhenti bernafas...
Teruslah rasakan...
Nikmatnya perjuangan...

Akulah prajurit yang gugur itu...
I will be waiting...

I understand the things you say,
Even though it makes me sad,
We sat and had a talk today,
I gave you everything I had.

Even if you don’t come back,
I’ll wait this year for you,
Even if this love you lack,
I’ll do what I want to do,

I’m happy,
even if you’ve gone away,
I continue to keep this love for you,
In hope that you’ll come back to me,
on a distant far found day,

They think I’m stupid, they laugh at what I do,
They criticize and ridicule this love I have for you,
It dosen’t matter anymore, nothing matters anymore,
The only thing that matters anymore, is the love and what its for,

Just know that I will love you,
And maybe that is sad to hear,
But I will do what I want to do,
Even if that means a year.

Maybe you don’t love me,
And you think this will just be more easy,
But I’ll be waiting, in my heart forever,
Even if that means my love for someone else,
Will end up being never.
Missing Her

Being without that girl
Makes it real hard to cope
The great distance between us
Makes me start to lose hope

I can't think I can't breathe
I just cannot go on
Until she is once more
Cradled safe in my arms

Yeah, I miss her sweet smile
I miss her cute face
I miss her soft touch
And her gentle embrace

I miss spending time that time
On the phone with no end
I miss the sweet voice
Of my special best friend

Yeah I miss her, I need her
I'm in deep misery
Cause I miss who I am
Whenever she is with me

But though she is somewhere else
And we're so far apart
I know just where she is

She's right here in my heart.......

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